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A member of South Korea’s government posted on Inven’s League of Legends forum to talk about the gaming industry

A member of South Korea's government visited Inven's League of Legends forum on Tuesday to talk about the gaming industry.
A member of South Korea's government visited Inven's League of Legends forum on Tuesday to talk about the gaming industry.

Imagine California governor Jerry Brown or United States Senator Bernie Sanders visiting Reddit to talk about League of Legends or gaming legislation. Seem crazy? Well that’s essentially what happened on the Korean community forum Inven.

Representative Cho Seung-rae of South Korea’s Democratic Party posted to Inven on Tuesday after earlier speaking during a hearing addressing the need of governmental support “for the growth of indie and mid-to-smaller scale companies for the sake of the (Korean) gaming industry,” writes Inven’s Jeong Pil-gwon. Cho’s comments were directed to Do Jong-hwan, a candidate for minister of Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

After the hearing, Cho took an unprecedented action and posted on Inven’s League of Legends forum, saying he had taken into account the concerns of Korean gamers, even reflecting some ideas in his presentation. He left a short recounting of his conversation with candidate Do and further said he even recommended Do read the League of Legends forum to cement his position.

During the hearing, Cho covered a wide variety of topics that surround the gaming industry in Korea, from the “arbitrary limit” of the amount of in-game transactions to the controversy surrounding chance-based item acquisition, as targets of the future.

The response from the online community has been overwhelmingly positive for Cho. Many users left comments expressing gratitude, while some were left in disbelief that a political figure would personally address gamers in such a way. The actions of Cho seem to be in line with the newest presidential administration of Moon Jae-in, who has been vocal about the concerns of the Korean gaming industry, and even had the support of a group of figures within the industry.

Cho illustrated he will also host a “Gaming forum” in parliament that will involve users, developers and government officials in the pursuit of empowering the gaming industry and protecting the users’ rights.


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