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OpTic Gaming joins WESA; FaZe Clan says it never left

FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming have joined WESA, the association announced Wednesday.
FaZe Clan and OpTic Gaming have joined the World Esports Association (WESA), the association announced Wednesday. Photo by Adela Sznajder/DreamHack.

The World Esports Association (WESA) announced Wednesday the addition of OpTic Gaming to its group of member teams, and FaZe Clan “is remaining a full member” despite leaving the association two weeks after it launched.

FaZe Clan was an original member of WESA but left the organization shortly thereafter amid the massive backlash after the forming of WESA. Wednesday’s news release included no mention of FaZe Clan ever leaving the association. Further, FaZe Clan is listed among WESA members in a March release about the addition of SK Gaming and Renegades. It appears all parties are trying to pretend as if FaZe Clan never left WESA in spite of the team’s own statement last year.

“We’re impressed with WESA’s growth and impact on the industry over the last year. Expanding Membership with more North American teams, introducing key regulations and the commitment of Member organizations to abide by the changes, and a new Commissioner with a background in the traditional media space really solidified our interest in remaining a part of WESA,” FaZe Clan manager Eric Anderson said in a release. “FaZe Clan is committed to being an active member of WESA moving forward and growing the esports industry.”

All confusion aside, the association has grown by two members. OpTic, most known for its success and popularity in Halo and Call of Duty, has also become a relevant player in the Counter-Strike ecosystem in the last year. The team won ELEAGUE Season 2 and finished as a runner-up in ECS Season 2, though the team has not yet found the same success since in-game leader Peter “stanislawaw” Jarguz left the team to move to Team Liquid. FaZe is another organization based in Call of Duty, but its CS:GO team has become one of the best in the world since the addition of Nikola “NiKo” Kovac in February.

OpTic and FaZe join SK Gaming and Renegades, which joined in March, as organizations to join WESA this year. Extending memberships to North American orgs is a change in tune from the association, which launched last May amid strong criticism from the community for a lack of transparency that stemmed from worries about the creation of an exclusive league.

The rest of WESA is comprised of Fnatic, Ninjas in Pyjamas, G2 Esports,, Natus Vincere, Team EnVyUs and mousesports.

Cover photo by Adela Sznajder/DreamHack


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