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Capture the flag might return to Overwatch ‘soon’

Capture the Flag could "soon" return as a game mode in Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan said.
Capture the Flag could "soon" return as a game mode in Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan said.

Overwatch players might be able to once again play the Capture the Flag game mode “soon.”

Following a post on the Overwatch forums by a player by the name of KarlKatze asking for the return of Capture the Flag in the arcade category of the game, game director Jeff Kaplan replied that the player might get his wish “soon,” along with some improvement to the game mode’s draws.

When Capture the Flag was still an available game mode, teams generally opted for a defensive philosophy, putting down a defensive turret to dissuade any opposing members from stealing their flag. As it became almost impossible to pick up the flag while taking damage, games often ended in a stalemate of turret vs. turret for both teams.

The game mode proved to be a pain in the neck for the development team even before the release of Overwatch, as Kaplan said in a developer’s diary in January that balancing took many iterations “over the years” until they decided to unveil it during the “Year of the Rooster” event in Overwatch at the beginning of the year.

Although there is no set date as to when Capture the Flag might return, it would surely be interesting to see if the mode comes back and if it does, exactly what might be different than it was before to address all the draws.


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