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Hiko, Kassad, adreN to coach kids at Counter-Strike during IMG Academy boot camp

Hiko and the core players of the Enigma6 Counter-Strike team have signed with Rogue, according to sources.
HIko (Spencer Martin) will be among three Counter-Strike professionals coaching a boot camp at IMG Academy in August. Photo by Adela Sznajder/DreamHack.

Spencer “Hiko” Martin, Alexander “Kassad” Trifunovic, and Eric “adreN” Hoag will help conduct a five-day Counter-Strike boot camp run at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida in August. 

IMG announced Thursday it will host a “one of a kind” boot camp from July 30-Aug. 5 focusing on the popular esport CS:GO and will be open to all players between the ages of 13 and 18.

The boot camp has enlisted the expertise of  Hiko, Kassad and adreN to coach and teach the players. IMG will also provide a pool of experts from IMG Academy and will cover topics like “communication, leadership, nutrition, fitness and reaction times.”

“IMG’s esports camp for CS:GO players seems like the perfect opportunity for kids to experience professional esports from an inside point of view,” Hiko said in a news release. “Having something like this when I was younger would have really kick started my professional career. I look forward to participating in this and encourage people to give it a try.”

Hiko is one of the most well known North American CS:GO players. He played for many teams during the earlier part of his career, including compLexity and Cloud9. But he’s probably best known for his time on Team Liquid. He played with Liquid for a year and a half and, alongside Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, made deep runs at two Majors in 2016, including the final of ESL One Cologne. Hiko departed Liquid after the ELEAGUE Major in January and filled in for OpTic Gaming but is currently not with any team.

Kassad has been a coach for the past year and a half, first with mousesports and now with Renegades. AdreN formerly played with Liquid but now plays for Mythic.

The participating campers will have access to Boomeo, IMG’s esports platform, which will have instructional content for training. Gaming hardware company HyperX will sponsoring the camp with equipment.


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