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Jeremy Lin appears as guest commentator at Dota 2’s Summit 7

Jeremy Lin, NBA player for the Brooklyn Nets, appeared as a caster for the Dota 2 event, the Summit 7.
Jeremy Lin, NBA player for the Brooklyn Nets, appeared as a commentator for the Dota 2 event, the Summit 7. Photo by Beyond The Summit/Twitch

Jeremy Lin, NBA player for the Brooklyn Nets, made a guest appearance Thursday at the quarterfinals of Dota 2 event The Summit 7 to join the broadcast crew and talk about his team, Vici Gaming J.

During a quarterfinal match between Team VGJ and Natus Vincere, Lin made a guest appearance on the casting couch. He talked about his venture into the professional Dota 2 scene while being a member of the NBA and his personal passion for the game.

Lin, who endorsed Vici Gaming and the formation of Team VGJ, said that he played the original Dota way back when he was in high school as a mod of Warcraft with his own team of five, with his two brothers and two of his friends. The same crew still plays together today, Lin said, even after graduation, marriages, and kids, which Lin admitted makes it “a lot harder these days.”

When it comes to playing Dota 2 during his professional basketball career, Lin said that he actually has more time to play during the season, as the nights after games are filled with adrenaline that needs to be directed somewhere.

“I probably have more time during the season to play because we just practice two or three hours before your game and if my my game is over at 10:30 or 11 p.m., I realistically can’t sleep because of my adrenaline until 2 a.m.,” he said. “So it’s like you have that natural two hour window, three hour window where I can get a game or two in after a game of basketball.”

The NBA star is no Dota 2 slouch, it seems. Although he said that he doesn’t play solo queue, his personal party MMR (Match Making Ranking) sits at 4K. That didn’t mean his party didn’t have some rough patches, as Lin shared a story from two years ago when his team lost its first nine games in a row but kept going until the “day of Dota” came to an end with some chicken wings.

Lin entered the world of esports in September when he signed in an agreement with China Digital Group and Vici Gaming, a Chinese esports organization, to form Team VGJ. VGJ is currently Vici’s fourth Dota 2 squad, and it lost to Natus Vincere 2-0 on Thursday.

Photo by Beyond The Summit/Twitch


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