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Trundle’s changes will largely be reverted in latest League of Legends PBE update

Changes to League of Legends champion Trundle will likely not go through as planned.
Changes to League of Legends champion Trundle will likely not go through as planned. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Changes to League of Legends champion Trundle will be largely reverted, according to the latest update in the game’s Public Beta Environment.

Trundle’s Q was quite controversial, as some people publicly discussed the ramifications of such a drastic decrease to the enemy laner’s damage output. As such, the PBE has rescinded the initial change, but the extra W boost to healing effects remains the same. It appears Riot Games wants to give a slight push to Trundle’s survival against damage heavy split pushers without punishing his opponents too much.

Item changes

Riot seems to be pushing for giving tanking laners and junglers some extra power behind them with the latest — and rather comprehensive — item change. The item that is the center of these change is Bami’s Cinder, which inherited the passive effect of Sunfire Cape, and is able to deal damage to enemy units around the holder over time.

The item first got a price reduction from 1,100 to 900, making it only 100 more than the Sightstone. To put it into context, it means a laning champion or jungler should have no trouble buying the item at the earlier stages of the game. On top of that is the bonus damage to minions and monsters, which increased from 50 percent to 100. Seeing as the “Immolation” damage is five magic damage per second with one extra damage point to each level to the holder’s level, that means the passive damage output of Bami’s Cinder has increased significantly.

The higher bonus damage means tank top laners can push more quickly by simply being around enemy minions, giving them a boost in split-pushing power. On top of that, Bami’s Cinder is an ingredient to the cinderhulk enchantment for jungling items, which again means Riot intends to give a boost to their clear speeds in a world where aggressive junglers still reign supreme.

Nerfs came in the forms of less health given to Bami’s Cinder and the items that it builds into — except for Sunfire Cape — in a way to balance it out without giving tanks too much of a bang for their buck.

As always these changes are being fluidly tested and it is unclear when (or if) any of them will be implemented in the actual game.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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