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Changes based on outcry

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

After blowing up on Twitter, a thread popped up on the competitive Overwatch subreddit about Taimou’s struggles. In the thread, someone wrote that Taimou could become an arbiter of change as many of his grievances in the game are shared by the community. Tamou replied:

“I’ve already given up on that. Blizzard does most balance changes based on community outcries and when the devs think ‘x’ is a good idea. That’s pure speculation, though, but it definitely feels like it.”

As someone who has followed StarCraft 2 for years, I can confirm that after the Bl/infestor age, Blizzard has done more designing based on community outcries, and going into LotV took community designed units to put into the game as well. This ended in some strange scenarios where something I believed wasn’t overpowered was nerfed (Mines in early HotS) and was then later rebuffed after it turned out that they were in fact not overpowered.

Despite that evidence, I don’t know if Overwatch is like that as it is a different set of designers and a different set of esports people. But I will say that reacting to different community complaints isn’t necessarily bad. Icefrog from Dota 2 seems to examine complaints to some extent. On the other hand, if your primary objective is to answer complaints rather than enhancing and enriching the game, then that is a problem.


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