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Ezreal might receive buffs in an upcoming League of Legends patch

Ezreal could be in line for changes in an upcoming League of Legends patch.
Ezreal could be in line for changes in an upcoming League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games’ Andrei “Meddler” van Roon wrote another gameplay update Tuesday regarding some of the changes that might be headed to the future of the Rift, as well as some context to the changes made in the Public Beta-test Environment (PBE). Among the possible changes are Ezreal buffs.

It appears Ezreal will receive some buffs as well as a touch up for his W skill, which is underwhelming at best, especially when he’s played as an AD Carry (which he is intended to do). A potential power pick in competitive in the spring, Ezreal has gone AWOL across most regions, and Riot intends to give him a boost. The change might take some time, however, as other changes for LeBlanc and Azir are still in the pipeline.

Rift Herald gold boost

The Rift Herald has been quite the effective game changer in the right conditions. It more often than not leads to at least one dead turret, and maybe even two depending on the push. But because those instances when summoning the purple isopod don’t yield anything, Riot intends to boost the reward gold for killing the thing from 25 gold to 100.

Destroying Inhibitor Towers no longer gives experience

The logic here is pretty simple: if you’re pushing the inhibitor turret, you’re already deep into the game where the experience doesn’t really change the game, or you’re so far ahead that you really don’t need the extra snowball to your already gigantic one.

Xayah changes

Xayah has been performing marvelously in competitive play, especially when paired with Rakan. But her lane push and high attack speed have become unruly, so her Q lockout will be reduced based on attack speed. It seems like it’s impacting the laning phase well, but is lasting a bit too long into the game.

Better auditory death indicators

Knowing when and who dies on your team — or the enemies — can be a jumbled mess in team fights, so Riot wants to make more clear, auditory queues in the next week or two.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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