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Riot Games offers first hint at new League of Legends champion

Riot Games teased a new League of Legends champion on Tuesday.
Riot Games teased a new League of Legends champion on Tuesday.

Riot Games offered the first hint of what a new League of Legends champion could be, and it appears it will be a carry.

In a post by lead producer of champions Ryan Mireles, Riot is working on its next champion. The champion was teased as a “carry champion that we think will perform well in the jungle,” that has apparently been in development since the release of Ivern, the more defensive support jungler. The new champion will also be the second champion to go through a transformation like Gnar, but “unlike any champion we have ever made.”

Another large announcement is how Riot will address roles and champions. Previously Riot looked at entire roles while tweaking mechanics on certain champions to fit their vision of how the roles should work. That blueprint is no more, as Mireles announced the team decided to discontinue the large seasonal class updates “and focus more on individual champions that need work.” This means more individual champions will be approached by need instead of large swaths at a time.

Other items on the list are three champions that have been long overdue in terms of reworks. Evelynn will be the champion with the smallest amount of changes, as Mireles compared her upcoming changes to what they’ve accomplished with the Warwick rework. More of a “modernization” according to him, Evelynn is due for new visuals and a couple of new tricks up her sleeve.

Urgot has been in a peculiar position of being popular in the community but not for game play reasons. As such, the community has been clamoring for Urgot to get a new look, new skins, or a complete overhaul to make him more viable, his update is getting close to release. Mireles says that the term “ranged juggernaut” was something the team aimed to fulfill, wishing to keep his unique status as a carry/tank champion.

Aatrox became somewhat of a hot topic after his release, which constant buffs and nerfs didn’t help. Mireles teased that Aatrox “will likely be the largest pure gameplay update we have ever done on a champion” with every ability possible on the designer table and subject to change to make him more viable.


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