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ECS Season 3 Finals is the tournament of AWPs

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

The ECS Season 3 Finals might be one of the luckiest online leagues to LAN finals playoffs draw I’ve ever seen, as it has the best teams on paper from each region given the circumstances. One of the great things about this tournament is that every team has a star AWPer, so here is a list of the AWPers to look out for by team.

FaZe: Allu — A competent solo AWPer who excels in the mid ranges and always hits his shot when he sets up the angle. Seems completely unafraid of taking duels with other AWPs. Specialty map seems to be Inferno.

G2: KennyS — I believe he is the best AWPer in the world and one of the best players in the world. Can do everything you want from an AWP and can beat anyone on any map. Especially shocking on nuke, where the AWP is negated by the architecture of the map.

SK Gaming: FalleN — The best AWPer in 2016, he had a slump in early 2017 but has since regained his form. This is correlated to figuring out his team’s new identity and putting a structure into it. As an AWPer, he is the best in the world at winning huge impact plays and insane clutch rounds.

OpTic: mixwell — I think it’s indisputable that mixwell has been the best AWPer in the NA region (excluding s1mple) ever since he moved to OpTic. His best performance all year was at the Summit. For whatever reason he seems to hate to AWP.

Liquid: JDM — Once the star of CLG, he went to Liquid where AWPers (except for s1mple) go to die. He has somehow survived and made it to the other side. The team seems to understand that he needs attention and resources, and he has stabilized as a strong AWPer in the team (small sample size of one tournament, though).

Cloud9: Skadoodle — One of the all-time great AWPers, but in a slump that has lasted since the summer of 2015. A player who needs some kind of guidance from a competent IGL. I don’t expect much from him, but he can give a good game once every five or six times.

Astralis: dev1ce — The most calculative AWPer in the world. As an AWPer, he doesn’t have the skills of the likes of KennyS or FalleN, but he stays within his skill set and maximizes what he can do with his AWP. He almost always does the correct plays or decisions and is incredibly mobile so as to make up for the fact that Astralis does not have a secondary AWPer. Dev1ce is the type of player who can get you just one kill per round, but it will be the right kill. Very impactful AWPer.

Fnatic.JW — One of the better players on the current Fnatic lineup, his aggression and impact plays have been much stronger as of late. While I think he’s the third star of the team after Olofmeister and dennis, his peak highs has outright won matches for Fnatic.


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