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Korean League of Legends fans also confused by Faker hate

Not even Korean League of Legends fans can understand the recent phenomenon of Faker hate.
Not even Korean League of Legends fans can understand the recent phenomenon of Faker hate. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Western League of Legends fans aren’t the only ones who can’t seem to understand the apparent phenomenon of Faker hate.

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, the world’s best League of Legends player, said after Tuesday’s League Champions Korea match he started to get the feeling people on the internet didn’t like him. Upon finding that out, Western fans reacted on Reddit in general befuddlement as to how Faker, the humble and gracious person with incredible in-game talent, could be disliked by anybody.

A post on Inven’s League of Legends forum mentioned Reddit’s reactions to Faker’s comments, and the response was just as quizzical as those on Reddit. The most upvoted comment on the thread was:

“Even we don’t get it, guys…”

The majority of the responses mirrored those from Reddit, as many Inven commenters attributed any hate directed toward Faker to jealousy or being generally discontent with their own lives. Famous Korean athletes such as footballer Park Ji-sung and figure skater Kim Yuna were also referenced as targets of random online hate despite — or perhaps because — of their success.

Some commenters were quick to point out that Inven wasn’t as clean as it thinks, as it also houses some individuals who have been rather unfair to Faker before. Faker’s observations don’t seem to be shallow, either, as multiple commenters recounted some of the ways Faker has been heavily criticized.

Faker has largely been the darling of League of Legends fans regardless of region, as he is still regarded as the undisputed best player in the world. His humble personality and kind nature, seen more publicly after Faker and the rest of SK Telecom T1 started streaming on Twitch, has only cemented this view from the fans. Even a figure as benevolent as Faker, though, is not above dislike from the internet.

But for Western fans trying to figure out how people could dislike Faker, know you’re not the only ones.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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