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League of Legends fans can now play some of the game’s music on their own

League of Legends fans can play some of the music from the game on their own.
League of Legends fans can play some of the music from the game on their own.

More musically-inclined League of Legends fans can now play four pieces of music from the game.

Riot Games composer Edouard “Ed the Conqueror” Brenneisen posted four scores of music. Among them were character songs for Tahm Kench, Camille, and Kled, which were prominently featured with the champion’s release on the game’s client, and “Demacia Rising,” a thematic piece that was released during Riot’s lore revamp.

“These are the same scores that musicians, conductors, engineers, and our teams have used,” Brenneisen writes. “Some of them look OK, some of them look like they were made in a rush (they were). Some have mistakes in them, some are nearly flawless. Some were modified during the recording session (“Should we take the trumpets an octave below? Let’s extend that A for another two beats. Cellos, make that a mezzo forte “plus,” not a forte.”), but these verbal changes are not caught on paper. If something looks weird, we challenge you to see if you can figure out what happened during the session by listening to the recording!”

Each piece of music is also accompanied by brief written commentary from the composer of each, and what kind of emotion each was supposed to evoke. All of the songs have their annotated scores available for download to any fans who are interested in the music of the game.

The music behind League of Legends has been one of the long-time strengths of the game, with many fans universally praising the music direction of various champion releases and skins.


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