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Singed buffs could be on the way in League of Legends

Singed buffs could be on the way for an upcoming League of Legends patch.
Singed buffs could be on the way for an upcoming League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Another day, another set of changes for League of Legends beta testing. This time, Singed could be receiving across the board buffs. These changes are tentative at best, so keep in mind that any and all things will be subject to change before they make it to the Rift.

The largest changes so far are for Singed, the once proud vanguard of League’s meme train during the game’s infancy. Singed got buffed across the board with higher AP ratio for his Poison Trail as well as a higher base damage, lower mana cost for his Fling, and lower mana costs for his ultimate plus a boost to stat bonuses at levels two and three of the skill.

The one nerf isn’t really statistical, but more historical in nature. Singed’s Poison Trail will no longer be invisible as the champion himself goes out of sight. This means no more invisible damage over time until you notice the Singed in a bush somewhere.

SKT skins get their splashes finally

Following the release of the world championship skins┬áis the splash art for them. They’re there, centered, and cropped for your viewing pleasure.

A bunch of small tweaks for items

Abyssal Mask and Adaptive helm go up to 350 HP, the Runic Echos enchantment for the jungling items got the mana restoration dropped to 15 percent, though it’s still higher than the live value of 12.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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