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TSM League of Legends team roasted in Chinese hype video

TSM's League of Legends team was roasted in a Chinese hype video.
TSM's League of Legends team was roasted in a Chinese hype video.

Team SoloMid (TSM), North America’s most popular League of Legends team, suffered a hilarious fate in the form of a YouTube video by Chinese esports media group Tu Wan.

In a light-hearted comedy hype video, Tu Wan poked fun at TSM. Addressing one member from the 2017 spring roster at a time, the video playfully pointed out some of the more embarrassing moments of the team and its players.

In what appears to be an extension of a Chinese meme, the video referred to TSM as “Bjergsen and the four wards,” meaning that mid laner Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg is the only player of note, while the other four players simply provide vision for him.

From lamenting the constant “TSM” chants from fans everywhere — regardless of TSM is actually playing or not — to the carefully chosen videos across multiple seasons that highlight the shortcomings of TSM, including Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng, who was absent in the spring split, Tu Wan delivered a uniquely light hearted joke in a new perspective.

TSM is by far the most popular and successful team in North America, but its shortcomings at international events has become a point of ridicule. After dominating the North American League Championship Series last summer, TSM failed to make it out of its group at the League of Legends World Championship. This year, TSM won the spring split of the LCS only to finish next to last at the Mid-Season Invitational’s group stage in a performance that drew the ire of OGN caster Lee “CloudTemplar” Hyun-woo.

“Secret Agent” WildTurtle was ridiculed for his aggressive Flashes into the enemy and showed the AD Carry’s mechanical missteps, missing multiple Varus ultimates, and a moment when we had his back to a Taliyah wall during MSI against the Flash Wolves.

Svenskeren, apart from being apparently difficult to pronounce for the narrator of the video, had his ill-advised invades into the enemy jungle highlighted through a clip. Not even Bjergsen was spared, as the now infamous “Bikini mom” incident was mentioned, as was his Ryze ultimates that led his team into peril on more than one occasion.

Mysteriously absent from the one-by-one take down is support player Vincent “Biofrost” Wang, though he too was relegated to “ward” status. Perhaps the media group wanted to show mercy to the only Chinese member of the team, but that seems unlikely.


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