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The case for PPD as analyst at TI7

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

In Dota 2, the analyst desks have generally always been good when it comes to the pure data of the game: what a team runs, why they run it, what heroes or picks to choose, etc. Winter, in particular, is a savant when it comes to drafting. But I’ve felt that Dota 2 panels are missing a few elements: A hot streak, a contentious strong opinion, someone unafraid to criticize and a pro player. While there have been good former pro players on desks before (Maelk, Synderen, 7uckingMad), none of them is available. Maelk has a full-time job, Synderen is trying to get into TI as a player and 7uckingmad is now a coach. Even if you could get one of them, PPD will always have something those guys do not.

PPD is a TI Champion, and while that doesn’t mean much when it comes to the pure technicals of the broadcasting part, it means a lot symbolically for any viewer who sees him on the panel. PPD has not only played professionally, he has played at the highest levels and won. He is one of the three best captains in the entirety of Dota 2 (other two being Puppey and xiao8) and in my personal opinion has been the single most important figure in bringing an “NA” team, so to speak, to the top (Depends on if you count NA team counting all five players from the NA region, as they had zai for most of the time).

PPD demands respect from his viewers and fellow pros. He is also someone who is unafraid to sugarcoat his opinions of teams, players or drafts. If he thinks something is bad, he will not hold back. He did once say: “I am tired of these open qualifiers with their trash teams and their trash picks.” This is something almost no other analyst is willing to do. He has incredibly strong opinions, his own wealth of knowledge to draw on, and is pretty entertaining when he’s just shooting the shit.

PPD has only been to two events so far, but he has knocked both out of the park. He is one of the best Dota 2 analysts in the world currently, and Valve will only be hurting their own show if they don’t get him on.


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