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G2 Esports becomes latest victim of roasting by Chinese media group

G2 Esports was the latest Western League of Legends team roasted by Chinese media group Tu Wan.
G2 Esports was the latest Western League of Legends team roasted by Chinese media group Tu Wan.

Following Wednesday’s roast of Team SoloMid, European League of Legends powerhouse G2 Esports became the next team to fall at the mercy of Chinese esports media group Tu Wan.

Tu Wan is at it again with dank Chinese memes and the systematic roasting of another Western team. Thursday’s video was aimed at G2 Esports, a team with no shortage of international blunders to mock. To set the tone of the video, the first joke is about how “G2” is pronounced the same as the Chinese word for “penis.”

The G2 video was much of a step up from Tu Wan’s work with TSM, as it had animated photos of the members of G2, and this time no one player was left out. Every player — even the Korean ones — were not safe from Tu Wan’s savage burns.

Specific punches were drawn towards G2’s support Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez for his overly risky aggression as the support, the over played yet still hilarious hand-warming motion of AD Carry Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen during the drafting phase, and the pentagram summonings as Gangplank from top laner Ki “Expect” Dae-Han.

The tone of the video seemed to be more playful than before, as the video actually showcased some great moments in G2 history, such as the miraculous one-hit nexus comeback against the Unicorns of Love, though that was immediately countered by Vitality’s same comeback against G2.

The video was still all in good fun, full of Chinese memes, and most certainly worth watching.


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