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Overwatch is getting a new highlight feature

Overwatch is getting a new highlight feature.
Overwatch is getting a new highlight feature, game director Jeff Kaplan said. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Overwatch will soon have a new highlight feature.

Game director Jeff Kaplan explained Thursday in a video that Overwatch has a new system for saving and exporting highlights. As it did before, the game itself will still collect and suggest game highlights, and the top five highlights will be saved for the next 24 hours — even in the event of logging off or turning the gaming console or PC off.

The new feature begins with what is called “recently captured,” which allows users to have more power in what moments are saved by pressing a programmable¬†capture button, which bookmarks the game. When the game is over, the match will go to the highlights section under the “recently captured” category. Users can have up to 32 recently captured moments, and players can save those moments as video files to make¬†room for further captured moments.

The video files will be saved by the graphical settings of the gaming console by default. On PC, however, the users can change the quality or resolution of the video, even if the computer itself cannot handle a certain graphics level. Obviously, a higher resolution or graphics quality at 60 frames per second will make a larger video file, but the option will be available at all times.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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