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Deft: “We will prepare well to have our revenge (on SKT).”

Deft says KT Rolster is preparing its revenge against SKT.
Deft says KT Rolster is preparing its revenge against SKT, as the two teams will reignite their rivalry on Tuesday.

Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu said that his team will be ready and prepared to defeat rival SK Telecom T1 in the League Champions Korea summer split.

KT Rolster handily defeated the bbq Olivers 2-0 on Saturday, and SKT is up next on the schedule. In an interview with Daily eSports’ Lee Yoon-ji, Deft said he fully intends to settle the score with SKT.

“We lost to SKT many times, including the spring split,” he said. “We worked on many parts of the team that we thought were the team’s weaknesses this summer. We will prepare well to have our revenge.”

KT, pegged as the “SKT killer” going into the season, fell woefully short of actually getting the job done in the spring split. KT lost both times during the regular season and suffered a 3-0 sweep against SKT in one of the most disappointing outcomes in recent LCK. So far KT has yet to face SKT in the summer, and the hype has reached a fever pitch yet again.

The Rift Rivals international competition has also been on the minds of many KT fans, as KT will compete with other LCK teams against China and Taiwan. That creates a scenario of Deft competing against his previous region. According to Deft, the home front is of more importance, with confidence being enough to push them through Rift Rivals.

“The regular split right now is the most important so we’re not spending separate time preparing for it,” he said. “But I do think we can beat whoever our opponents will be if we pull up our ultimate performance.”


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