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Lethality items being tweaked in League of Legends; Singed buffs not coming in Patch 7.13

Lethality items are receiving changes, and Singed buffs won't go through in League of Legends Patch 7.13.
Singed will not receive any buffs in League of Legends Patch 7.13. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

With the Rune system in League of Legends about to get a major revamp in the future, more details might be rolling out as soon as this week, according to the latest gameplay thoughts from Andrei “Meddler” van Roon. Take note that these are always tentative changes without firm dates or guarantees.

Meddler writes that a developer’s blog is on the way to share some more details as how the new rune system might look like, with some closer looks at certain runes. The blog is likely to come out this week, so it might be worth following up on for players who wish to continue playing competitively.

Lethality items getting some changes

Lethality has been a statistic that has been on the mind of players since it replaced the armor penetration stat that League of Legends employed. With most of the discussion revolving the items that stack lethality, Riot will look to implement changes to some of the flagship items.

Serrated Dirk and Poachers Dirk will no longer give passive movement speed out of combat, and instead will give 50 bonus damage against an enemy champion on the next spell after killing a large minion or monster.

Duskblade also has no out of combat movement speed, have a flat damage proc, some cool down reduction, a cost reduction, and a very short slow on the target of the victim of the Nightstalker passive of the item which deals extra true damage after being useen for some time.

Black Cleaver’s stackable armor reduction per attack on an enemy champion is being toyed with to have a half second window, in an attempt to make it more viable for the slower attackers, while not making it too strong for those champions that naturally build more attack speed.

Ghost Blade will have more out of combat mobility and less damage, which relegates it as a pure mobility item.

Singed changes not in 7.13

The buffs that were in the PBE for Singed in Patch 7.13 won’t be applied after all because the team does’t quite have the right change list. Passive modifications might be looked at 7.14, but there is no promise that it’ll be implemented even then.

Cho’Gath changes might happen

Cho’Gath is one of those juggernaut champions Riot promised to look into, and some changes are being experimented for Patch 7.14. His E, which was a toggle, might become an active that lasts for three auto attacks, dealing percent max enemy HP as magic damage and applying a decaying slow. The cool down will also be quite short at the max level, making it a viable dueling tool for a tanky champion like Cho. He’ll also see some boosts to his overall damage.

Interesting stats in a post-10 simultaneous ban world

After the simultaneous 10-ban system has been implemented, about 70 percent of games have nine or 10 unique champion bans, and less than one percent had five or six unique bans, which was surprising even to Riot. The concern about bans not being unique enough can be dispelled if this trend remains.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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