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Smix and ELEAGUE’s Christina Alejandre make Adweek’s list of 35 Most Powerful Women in Sports

Smix (Sue Lee) and ELEAGUE's Christina Alejandre were listed among Adweek's 35 most powerful women in sports.
Smix (Sue Lee) and ELEAGUE's Christina Alejandre were listed among Adweek's 35 most powerful women in sports. Photo by Turner Sports and Dreamhack/Slingshot illustration.

ELEAGUE vice president/general manager Christina Alejandre and esports community figure Sue “Smix” Lee made Adweek’s list of the 35 most powerful women in sports.

In its second annual list of influential women in sports, Adweek didn’t neglect the growing world of esports by adding Alejandre and Lee for their contributions to the scene. Rubbing shoulders with CEOs, sales executives, and prominent casters of sports, Lee and Alejandre were described as key figures of a growing industry.

Alejandre, the general manager and vice president of esports at ELEAGUE, was credited for successfully attracting multiple large-scale sponsorships via ELEAGUE’s broadcasts on TBS. Where other broadcasts of esports had failed, ELEAGUE has succeeded. Alejandre has long focused on bringing esports to a casual audience without losing any of the authenticity that creates the hype around esports in the first place. ELEAGUE has broadcast two seasons of Counter-Strike and was awarded a Counter-Strike Major by Valve after less than a year of existence. ELEAGUE has since run a Street Fighter invitational and recently announced a world championship for Injustice 2, and Alejandre has led the way for the organization’s success.

Lee, commonly referred to as Smix, is a Twitch partnership associate who started out as a fan of StarCraft. She speaks Korean and started to translate pro matches in 2009. Her career exploded as she moved on to live-translate and host major gaming events such as BlizzCon. She works as a scouter for partners for Twitch, the popular streaming platform that is a go-to service for gamers.

Cover photo courtesy of DreamHack/Turner Sports, illustration by Slingshot


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