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Dota 2 pro Abed becomes first to reach 10K MMR

Abed became the first Dota 2 player to eclipse 10,000 MMR.
Abed Azel Yusop became the first Dota 2 player to eclipse 10,000 MMR.

Digital Chaos mid laner Abed “Abed” Azel Yusop has reached 10,000 MMR points in the game, becoming the first player in the world to eclipse the mythical 10K mark.

The 16-year-old Filipino professional won 17 out of his 21 matches in the past week, pushing him to the top of the leaderboard and ultimately enabling him to be the first to reach 10,000. For the past year, 9,000 MMR was considered to be the highest level, reserved for professional players and those at the level of professionals. Abed transcended the possible by reaching the hallowed 10K mark.

MMR, or Match Making Rating, is the system that matches players of similar play levels in Dota 2. Winning matches will increase MMR, while losing decreases it. Typically used to evaluate the abilities of players, those with the highest MMR scores are listed on the world leaderboards. Players who have been able to rapidly rise in MMR points have usually been players with the potential for going pro, and the rating is used by organizations as barometers of player prowess.

Earlier this year, players breaking into the 9K MMR level of play were regarded as eclipsing a milestone in and of itself, with the current No. 2 ranked player in the Americas server being under 9K. The next highest player overall is Team Secret’s Zheng MidOne Yeik Nai, who leads the European leaderboard with a MMR of 9,672.

There might eventually be others to crack that barrier, but for today, Abed is all alone atop MMR heaven.


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