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League of Legends’ new honor system will go live Wednesday in Patch 7.13

League of Legends' new honor system wil go live in Patch 7.13, as will Shaco AD changes/
Shaco's AD tweaks went through in League of Legends patch 7.13 Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Fans will be able to reap the benefits of League of Legends’ updated honor system Thursday when Patch 7.13 goes live.

The new features were previously mentioned a month ago, and they include a voting phase after each game to honor a player and honor levels that are displayed on the player’s profile and as part of the border in the game. Key fragments now also only drop with honor, with the base level 2 being the status quo in terms of drop rates.

New features include extra honor when all members of the team vote during the voting process, and exclusive content in the form of Honor Capsules, which are only available to players with honor levels three and above. The capsule doesn’t require a key to open and will always contain at least two key fragments, as well as champ shards and exclusive rewards like Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick skin permanents.

Honoring a teammate will now have its own screen after the game is over, and some categories of honor will be terms such as “Stayed Cool,” “Great Shotcalling,” and “GG <3.” Players who are honored three times or more will be recognized in the post-game lobby, as well as having honor levels apparent on the profiles of each player.

Shaco AD switch goes through

Shaco’s thrown shiv no longer deal magic damage, it’s official. They do hit a lot harder and do bonus attack damage that scales a heck of lot. It also deals up to 50 percent additional damage based on target’s missing health instead of 3-8 percent of missing health damage based on character level.

Will Abyssal Mask be viable?

The mask has been undergoing a lot of change. Apart from the small buff to health you get — from 300 to 350 — the item now builds out of natural tank items and has a brand new passive. Now, 15 percent of the damage dealt to the wearer will be converted to mana, which means that if the tanker is doing its job, they’ll get more mana, which means more spells, which means better team fights.

Jungle item changes go through as PBE said

Cheaper, more effective tanking jungle items and a small tweak to the mana regen for Runic Echoes is in from the PBE.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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