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New League of Legends champion Kayn leaks

A new League of Legends champion leak happened on the internet, apparently, and its name is Kayn and Rhaast
A new League of Legends champion leaked on the internet, apparently, and its name is Kayn and Rhaast

A new League of Legends champion leaked on the internet Tuesday, and it appears to be a dual personality champion called Kayn.

The champion is seen holding a scythe, which is possessed by a demonic entity called Rhaast. The main mechanic of the champion seems to be based on a form change after a certain point. Either Kayn can be strong enough to resist Rhaast to become “a true shadow assassin,” or Rhaast can dominate Kayn, turning him into a Darkin.

Based on the video and screenshots, Kayn and Rhaast both have unique abilities, which gives┬áthe player a decision to choose a play style that better suits them. The transformation system is unlike any other champion that Riot Games has created, as “form changes” have been present, but none quite as extensive as the latest apparent addition to the game.

This will also be the second Darkin to be added to the roster since Aatrox, and if he is any indication on what Rhaast might play like, it’ll most likely be a heavy damage dealing melee/carry type champion. No official information has come from Riot, but Kayn and Rhaast seems to be in line with the teaser from the recent champion roadmap, which featured a demonic-looking eye.

UPDATE (2:42 P.M. ET): Riot Games has since revealed Kayn, the newest League of Legends champion. The headline of this story has since been updated to reflect the champion’s correct name.


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