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Riot Games reveals Kayn, the newest League of Legends champion

Riot Games revealed a new champion named Kayn on Tuesday.
Riot Games revealed a new champion named Kayn on Tuesday. photo courtesy of Riot Games/screenshot.

After initial leaks emerged Tuesday morning, Riot Games officially revealed Kayn, the newest League of Legends champion.

Kayn is a melee assassin equipped with a giant scythe that is possessed by a Darkin named Rhaast. The champion will have a form-change gimmick that relies on what kind of champions he kills on the enemy team. When he kills enough ranged champions, he will be able to suppress Rhaast from becoming a shadow assassin, and when he kills enough melee champions, Rhaast will possess Kayn’s body.

Each form has its own unique passive ability. As a shadow assassin, he will deal extra magic damage to enemy champions for the first few seconds of combat, while Rhaast will get a portion of the damage dealt to enemy champions though spells as health.

Kayn’s Q, Reaping Slash, will make him dash in a direction, doing damage in that¬†area. As Rhaast, the ability will deal bonus percent-health damage to all enemies except minions. His W, Blade’s Reach, applies a slow. As a shadow assassin, a ghost of Kayn will deliver the blow for him, allowing him to move freely after casting, and as Rhaast, it will knock up enemy units instead. His E, Shadow Step, allows Kayn to get a burst of movement speed and temporarily allow him to move through walls, making the duration longer and healing some health and as a Shadow Assassin, Kayn will move faster and will be immune to slows.

Kayn’s ultimate, Umbral Tresspass, is the first ultimate in the game that allows one champion to possess an enemy champion, with diverging bonus effects depending on which form Kayn takes. The base will make Kayn be able to possess an enemy champion from a distance, making him unable to be targeted, and when cast again, Kayn rips himself free and deals damage to the target.

As a Shadow Assassin, the ultimate can be cast from further away and resets the bonus magic damage that is applied as part of the passive. As Rhaast, it deals extra damage of a percentage of the target’s maximum health and heals Rhaast in the process.

A slippery melee assassin by trade, Kayn will most likely see play in the jungle with his high mobility and burst damage. He will be able to change forms based on successful ganks, and as the game goes on as well as what form he chooses, he will be a roaming single-target threat against the enemy’s backline.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/screenshot


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