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New League of Legends champion revealed, Tricked reportedly acquires SIngularity

Our top stories from Tuesday:

Whatever it takes: A Fernando “fer” Alvarenga story

League of Legends interviews with Team Liquid’s Rami “Inori” Charagh and FlyQuest’s Jason “WildTurtle” Tran.

ESL announced the qualifiers for ESL One New York.

Jeff Kaplan says Overwatch won’t have underwater maps anytime soon.

The new League of Legends honor system goes live in Patch 7.13.

Fiora’s changes didn’t go through after all in League of Legends Patch 7.13.

League of Legends Patch 7.14 could be smaller than usual.

ESL partnered with the University of York for esports research.

Comments from SKT’s Faker and Untara after Tuesday’s win against KT Rolster.

Overwatch League will compile a scouting report of all the top players in the world.

Riot Games revealed Kayn, the newest League of Legends champion.

Longzhu’s Kim “PraY” Jong-in says he remembers the disappointing moments more than the good ones.

Dota 2 pro Abed became the first player to reach 10K MMR.

OGN will produce a mini documentary about Faker and Ronaldo.

Sandbox Esports will run a League of Legends Fantasy Camp, but it will cost you at least $3,000.

Best from around the web:

League of Legends

A profile of Darshan “Darshan” Upadhyaha.

Interviews with Cloud9’s Juan “Conractz” Garcia, Eugene “Pobelter” Park and TSM’s Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell.


Tricked will reportedly acquire the Singularity roster.

North American pros prefer Europe’s FPL over Rank S for practice.

Winners and losers from the ECS Season 3 Finals.

SK Gaming’s core group of players became the winningest players in CS:GO history via earnings.

A preview of the PGL Major Qualifier.

An interview with Natus Vincere’s Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs.

Other games

An interview with CEO founder Alex Jebailey.

Twitch affiliates will get subscriber buttons this week.


League Champions Korea (LoL)

SK Telecom T1 2:1 ROX Tigers

Samsung Galaxy 2:1 Longzhu Gaming


(All times Eastern)

League Champions Korea (LoL)

Afreeca Freecs vs. Jin Air Green Wings, 7 a.m.

MVP vs. bbq Olivers, 4 a.m. Thursday

PGL Major Qualifier (CSGO)

G2 vs. Immortals, 3 a.m. Thursday

OpTic vs. PENTA, 4:30 a.m. Thursday

Team Liquid vs. TyLoo, 6 a.m. Thursday


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