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Chroma skins for Graves, Lulu, Fiora all hit League of Legends PBE

Graves, LuLu and Fiora all have chroma skins hitting the League of Legends PBE this week.
Graves, LuLu and Fiora all have chroma skins hitting the League of Legends PBE this week. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Public Beta Environment patches aren’t all about balance changes, as there are a lot of new skin stuff that will be released soon. According to the latest update, Lulu, Graves and Fiora all have new looks.

Three new chroma packs hit the PBE, and they’re all aptly summer themed. Pool Party Lulu, Graves, and Fiora all got new chroma packs, with Lulu getting seven varieties, Graves with six, and Fiora with eight.

The new chroma packs have unique textures, and will all cost 290 RP each, with bundles available for the whole collection, including the champion. If you already own said champion, congratulations. It’s a lot cheaper.

On the topic of textures, Pool Party Graves received some proper coloring and textures to the skin in order to make it more “fancy” like the others in the skin line.

Various champions are also in line for changes in the PBE, and you can find them here.

A bunch of AD items got changes!

Duskblade of Draktharr has a new build path, a lower total cost, lower damage value, and no more out of combat movement speed. Instead, it got cool down reduction, and the Nightstalker proc slows the target by 99 percent for 0.25 seconds, with the damage from the proc will be just get a bonus flat 150 attack damage.

Edge of Night got a new build path, a lower cost, and no longer gives out of combat movement speed and magic resist. Instead it grants 250 health to the wielder.

Poacher’s Dirk and Serrated Dirk also lost their out of combat movement speed but got a new passive when you kill an enemy, you get a bonus 50 damage on the next damaging spell.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade has lower damage given, 100 gold more expensive, but got a boost in out of combat movement speed, and when activated, will give a boost of 40 percent movement speed that decays to 20 percent over time.

All in all, if you want movement speed and do damage, get Youmu’s. The others suck.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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