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Ranking high on League of Legends’ new honor system will get you two exclusive skins

Riot Games explained League of Legends' new honor system.
Ranking high in the new League of Legends honor system will get you two exclusive skins.

The mechanics and details of the returning League of Legends honor system have been revealed.

Riot Games explained the new honor system that went live Wednesday with the release of Patch 7.13. As previously advertised, the new honor system will allow players to honor other players in three different categories. Receiving more honor will increase a player’s honor level, which will be displayed on the player’s profile as well as when the game is loading as a border.

Key fragments, used to forge keys to open Hextech Loot boxes, which contain shards that can be used to get champions or cosmetic skins, will drop based on the honor levels of players, starting at Level 2. From Level 3 and above, Honor capsules will also randomly drop, which contain key fragments, champion shards, and two skins that are currently unobtainable any other way: Grey Warwick and Medieval Twitch. Those skins will be unlocked immediately, and they will even unlock the champions for those players who don’t have them already.

Further exclusive rewards tied to the honor system have yet to be announced, but they will most likely be along the end-of-season rewards based on the player’s rank. The honor levels of each player will revert back to Level 2 at the start of the new seasons, and the only way to drop a level is by receiving penalties from the game.


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