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League of Legends’ new Rune system will allow players to go into (gold) debt to buy items

the new League of Legends rune syetem allos players to go into (gold) debt to buy items.
Riot Games revealed details of League of Legends' new rune system. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Riot Games revealed more details about how League of Legends’ new rune system will work going forward.

Ever since the announcement that Riot would combine masteries and runes, Riot has slowly revealed what the new system might look like. Now players have a better idea about its function, and even a sneak peek into some of the new runes after an update Wednesday from Jo “FEARLESS” Graylock.

One of the most outlandish runes that was teased is labeled “Store Credit,” which allows the player to enter into debt in order to buy items. The amount a player can borrow increases over time, with a debt limit of 150 plus 5 per minute and a lending fee of 50 gold per item.

What this functionally means is that those champions that “turn on” after the first item or two can reach that point even more quickly, and can make some real game changing item purchases. Under the assumption that their lane opponent doesn’t have the same rune equipped, it can mean that the player almost automatically has an advantage over their opponent.

According to the update, players will choose from one of the five play styles: Domination, Inspiration, Precision, Sorcery, and Resolve. The path will also give a small stat boost in the relevant categories to further cement the chosen play style. Each play style will give a number of slots available to the player, and the player will then choose three or four unique runes for the path they have chosen. The most powerful one is called the Keystone Rune slot.

Then comes the secondary path, where two non-Keystone runes can be set, and they must also follow the same path from one of the five play styles. This mirrors the current mastery system, as players often max out a single mastery tree and spend the remaining mastery points for a secondary tree to bolster their play style.

Some of the rune choices range from extra armor and magic resist based on surrounding enemy champions, a bonus 100 health in exchange for 10 percent less damage, to having more cool down reduction to summoner spells, items, and even runes.

The runes revealed are still a work in progress and are subject to change. But if this reveal is any indicator, the goal of creating “game changing runes” might be easily achieved.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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