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Predictions for the Krakow Major Qualifier

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Seeing as the PGL Krakow Major qualifiers start tomorrow, I thought it was a good time to write up predictions. I’ll pick the teams and reasoning and assign random percentage chances I think each team has to get out of the qualifiers.

G2: The best team by far in this and one of the best teams in the world. 99 percent chance. Literally would have to choke on their own spit five times and get a bad draw to lose this.

Liquid: They’ve really grown on me in the last few events. In terms of skill, tactics, and as a team, they seem to be a cut above most of the teams here. I’ll give them a 70 percent chance to get out.

C9: Another skilled lineup. While they have had problems, the field here isn’t strong enough to expose them. 70 percent chance to get out.

HellRaisers: One of the strongest Tier 2 teams out there right now. Should get out easy. 80 percent chance to get out.

Mouz: An up and coming Tier 2 team, it’s harder for me to say how they will do as most of their LAN runs have ended prematurely as they drew a tough opponent. I still think they are one of the favorites. 70 percent

Flipsid3: I feel like the tactical system of the team should be enough to get them through, as none of the teams at this level can just overpower them with superior skill. 60 percent

BIG: For similar reasons as to why I picked F3. A strong team, but I think they have more skill than F3 across the board. 60 percent.

Immortals: I think this is one of the better teams in the qualifier, right up there with HR and Mouz. The problem is they always choked at the Major quals before. Despite that, I still think they should make it out with a 60 percent chance (I knocked off 10 because of the potential choke problem).

The other likely favorite is OpTic, but their lack of cohesion in the last few events and the stand-in situation made me side against them. In terms of pure skill they should outclass IMT, BIG and F3. Should be on par or close to the other favorites. For OpTic, their chances will rely on tarik and mixwell out-skilling their opponents, which is something I can’t rely on right now. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they made it. Chances 50 percent.


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