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Singed changes go back into PBE after not making League of Legends Patch 7.13

Singed changes are back in the PBE after being abandoned in League of Legends Patch 7.13.
Singed changes are back in the League of Legends PBE for more tuning. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After changes to League of Legends champion Singed were abandoned in Patch 7.13, which went live Wednesday, proposed tweaks are back in contention, according to the latest Public Beta Environment update.

Singed had his previous changes tossed in the trash, but they’re back on the PBE! The only new addition from the original set seems to be with his W, which has a lower mana cost and a set cool down of 14 seconds at all ranks. Its movement speed is now reduced by 40 percent at all ranks, the spell lasts three seconds instead five, and enemy champions will no longer be able to use movement abilities while on it.

Take a look at the rest of the changes, but as always, remember nothing in the PBE is guaranteed to show up int he next League of Legends patch — if any of them.

Diana changes!

Changes to Diana are also witnessed on the PBE, and they are significant. Her movement speed buff every third auto attack is now gone, the cool down time for her Q is down at all levels, and her E has a new effect of giving her extra attack speed for the next three attacks, with the steroid increasing from 20 percent to 80 per level.

Diana has been one of those champions who was lost in the shuffle and did not fit in any of the roles in the current meta. It’s unclear if she’ll be any more viable with the changes, but at least she’s not forgotten.

A lot of new Udyr changes

Talk about being forgotten for some time.

Udyr finally gets some tweaks across the board in the latest PBE changes. First, his passive was reworked entirely, as he gains 4 percent bonus attack speed, 4 percent bonus cool down reduction, and 6 percent of base attack damage for seven seconds. This passive can get stacked up to five times, so that’s 20 percent bonus attack speed and cool down reduction, and 30 percent bonus attack damage for seven seconds.

Next are his stances. His Tiger Stance’s cool down is now six seconds instead of seven, the bonus attack speed duration is up to six seconds from five, and every third empowered strike does more base damage over time but will have 90 percent of his attack damage added as a bonus to compensate. The ability has a new effect of dealing another 6 percent of Udyr’s attack damage each third strike per stack of his passive, so that’s another potential 30 percent bonus damage over time.

His Phoenix Stance also got a slew of changes, with the smaller ones being a cool down change of five seconds from six and a longer active duration of six seconds from four. His flame aura damage while in the stance got stronger in the earlier levels but weaker in the later ones, and it — finally — deals bonus damage equal to 120 percent of attack damage. The fire cone that is activated every third hit got a slight nerf in base damage, and gets bonus damage based on a percentage of Udyr’s attack damage, and like the Tiger Stance deals six percent of Udyr’s attack damage per passive stack.

His Turtle and Bear Stances now both have cool down times of five seconds instead of six.

Tweaks to Yorick and Taric

Riot showed some love to the two champions with some tweaks.

Yorick’s ghouls now do more damage to a max of 100 from the previous 90, and he radius of his ghouls reacting to the targets of his E increased to 1,400, meaning they’re a lot stickier than before. His ultimate also had a cool down time reduction, as well as more health for the Maiden of the Mist, hopefully making it more impactful.

Taric got his base mana regeneration bumped up to 8.5 and his growth per five lowered to 0.8 from 1. His line stun also got a flat cool down timer of 15 seconds, it does less damage, and the stun lasts 1.25 seconds across all levels.

Garen and Alistar are beefier

Alistar’s ultimate’s damage reduction is a lot more effect in the earlier levels and will not last longer at later levels, rather than just seven the whole game.

Garen’s passive got some large tweaks with the healing effect kicking in after 10 seconds of no damage taken from levels 1 to 10, and three seconds from 11 to 18. The actual amount healed also changed, as he will heal two percent of his total health every five seconds from levels 1 to 10 and eight percent from level 11 onwards. An added effect is that the healing increases to four and 15 percent respectively when Garen is under 25 percent health from level 1 and under 50 percent health from level 11.

Lethality changes….again

Lethality now ignores armor when dealing damage on champions instead of reducing their armor.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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