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Aurace joins Renegades as Overwatch coach

Aurace has joined Renegades' Overwatch team as head coach.
After ditching Team Liquid, Aurace (Alex Nguyen) joined Renegades as head coach of the Overwatch team.

After parting ways with Team Liquid, Alex “Aurace” Nguyen signed to become the head coach of Renegades‘ Overwatch team.

Renegades made the announcement Thursday mere hours after Team Liquid announced Aurace’s departure. Renegades particularly seemed to like Aurace’s experience in other games that has carried over to Overwatch. His efforts — even in Overwatch’s beta testing phase — were commended in the welcoming announcement.

“I think having someone there to work with the players full time that is going to be reliably and consistently able to influence the team every day,” Cameron McAlees, Renegades Overwatch manager, said in a statement. “I know that Aurace had delivered results in the past with his experiences at Team Liquid, and I know that he’s an absolutely outstanding asset to the organization. As soon as I found out he was available, I immediately put his name down. The goal is definitely first place for Contenders Season Zero, and moving forward to Season 1, we’d like to go as far as possible of course.”

Renegades reached the playoffs of the Overwatch Contenders Season Zero tournament in what was called the “group of death” in the North American region. The team competed against Cloud9, Kungarna, and Hammers Esports, successfully making it to the playoffs by placing first in the group. Renegades will play FNRGFE, the second place team from Group C, on Sunday.

Team Liquid, meanwhile, also qualified for the Overwatch Contenders playoffs after winning Group A in the North American region. Without Aurace as coach, Liquid will play Envision in Sunday’s quarterfinal round.


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