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Reignover: “Even after I retire, I’m not sure if I’ll stream at all. I don’t enjoy streaming that much.”

Reignover does not see full-time streaming in his future.
Team Liquid's jungler Reignover (Kim Ui-Jin) says he probably won't become a streamer once his professional League of Legends career ends. Photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration.

Slingshot’s Andrew Kim caught up with Kim “Reignover” Ui-Jin during the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) summer split. They talked (in Korean and translated to English) about Team Liquid’s poor start to the summer split, goals going forward and his future as a streamer.

Andrew Kim: It’s hard to say that Team Liquid isn’t in a difficult spot right now because the team was in a rough spot last split, and another (difficult) beginning this split isn’t promising. As a member of Liquid, are you particularly nervous or concerned about this?

Kim “Reignover” Ui-jin: I’m of course very concerned and nervous. The performance is very underwhelming both for me individually and the team, so I am concerned but I think it’ll be fixed if I work even harder. The coaching staff will everything they can, I’m sure, but I want to do well as a player.

AK: In 2018, Riot will be removing relegation and start franchising. A lot of the users seem to be split on whether or not relegations is good or bad. What are your opinions on the matter?

KUJ: Just looking at the removal of relegation, it might prevent new teams from coming in, but I know that there will be financial incentives to do well. I’m not that invested into the idea. It’s just something that’s happening around me.

AK: What do you think of Echo Fox’s scrim strategy? It kind of looks like the old CJ Entus strategy, but I want to know your thoughts on it.

KUJ: We’ll have to see, but they seem to be doing very well when we faced him, so I think it could work out.

AK: In NA esports, streaming is very crucial to the culture, with mandatory stream hours in contracts for some teams. If you were to make the decision to become a full-time streamer, what kind of conditions would have to be met?

KUJ: Even after I retire, I’m not sure if I’ll stream at all. I don’t enjoy streaming that much. If I enjoy it, I’ll probably do it. If I don’t, then I guess it’ll be more likely I’ll do something else. I think it depends on my interest.

AK: Do you think professional players have the time to not only stream but also manage a YouTube channel and other activities like streamers do?

KUJ: For me, the schedule isn’t so tight that I can’t do those kinds of things. I have plenty of time to play solo queue, so I turn the stream on. I think I have plenty of time to do that.

AK: A lot of teams consider the summer split to be the most important, and Team Liquid would be no different. But with the performance of this split not really being the deciding factor on whether a team will be in the league next season, have you noticed any shifts in mindset among players of the league?

KUJ: Well everyone is just looking to win. It’s not like anyone wants to fight in the relegation tournament. It’s (still early), and there’s plenty left to play, so I’m mostly thinking what I can do to become better.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games/Slingshot illustration