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Rick and Morty cosmetic items are coming to Rocket League

Rick and Morty cosmetic items are coming to Rocket League.
Rick and Morty cosmetic items are coming to Rocket League. Photo courtesy of Psyonix.

Rick and Morty, the popular animated show on Adult Swim, will appear in Rocket League in the form of free cosmetic items.

Rocket League announced Wednesday characters from the television show Rick and Morty will be added as cosmetic items in the game’s Second Anniversary update. Starting Wednesday, the two title characters will be available as antenna options for players’ vehicles, and other characters like a Cromulon, Mr. Meeseeks, and Mr. PBH as toppers.

Other customization options include an Interdimensional GB rocket boost, a reference to a gaseous life form from the show — which adopted the name “Fart” — that appears when a player’s vehicle boosts away. There will also be rims titled Sanchez DC-137, a visual reference of the wormholes that Rick’s teleporter gun makes in the show, as well as a reference to Rick’s home dimension of C-137.

This isn’t the first time Rick and Morty will be appearing in a popular game. The show made an announcer pack for Dota 2 with more than 47 minutes of recorded voice lines and a Mr. Meseeks, both of which were available for purchase.

The creators of the show, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, are both huge fans of games, and have been quite vocal about their love for games and other nerdy things that fans of their show might also love.

It’s been a popular few weeks for Rocket League, which recently announced a cross-branding partnership with the WWE, and in the last week both NBC Sports and the X Games have announced large Rocket League tournaments they will broadcast.

Cover photo courtesy of Psyonix


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