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Team Liquid parts ways with coach three days before Overwatch Contenders playoffs

Team Liquid dropped its Overwatch coach Aurace three days before the Overwatch Contenders playoffs.
Team Liquid dropped Aurace (Alan Hguyen), its Overwatch coach, three days before the Overwatch Contenders playoffs.

Team Liquid announced Thursday it will part ways with Alex “Aurace” Nguyen, part of Liquid’s coaching staff for its Overwatch team. The move comes three days before Liquid plays in the quarterfinals of Overwatch Contenders Season Zero.

Aurace lasted a little more than three months as coach, as he joined Team Liquid in March. The announcement details that Aurace has been a large part of the Overwatch team’s improvement since his joining the team March 13.

“I would like to thank Liquid and the team for believing in me and what I could bring,” Aurace said. “I wish nothing but the best for the team and Internethulk in their future endeavors. I appreciate the time that I spend with the team, seeing them and myself grow. But now it’s time for the next chapter! See you all at LAN.”

The announcement made it appear as if Aurace would be switching teams, though his destination is unclear.

Liquid was one of the first professional esports organizations to enter Overwatch and has remained in the game even while other teams have left. Most recently, Team Liquid came in second in Overwatch PIT championship, losing against North American powerhouse Rogue. Liquid also qualified for the playoffs of Overwatch Contenders Season Zero after winning North America’s Group A with a record of 3-0-3. Liquid plays Envision on Sunday in the quarterfinals.

UPDATE (2:35 P.M. ET): Aurace has since joined Renegades as head Overwatch coach.


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