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Diana, Garen receive further tuning to make them more relevant League of Legends champions

Diana and Garen will be tuned with the goal of becoming relevant League of Legends champions.
Diana and Garen will be tuned with the goal of becoming relevant League of Legends champions. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

Leading up to July 4 weekend, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon posted a short Gameplay Thoughts post on Friday. With a focus on further retooling to Diana and Garen, it seems as if Riot wants to bring the two of them more into relevancy for the near future.

Diana has gone through some changes in the latest Public Beta Environment, but they aren’t intended as a “full fix,” according to Meddler. The general direction is to take Diana’s kit and allow auto attacks to be a central piece. Seeing as every third attack is empowered to deal bonus magic damage, attack speed has been the direction of some builds, and it’s unclear if they want to go through the same paths.

Garen also has some new tools in his kit in the latest PBE update, and Meddler says they’re toying with some changes to his W. Seeing as Garen has a largely fire-and-forget kit, the goal is to make his W more powerful but also dependent on using it at the right time.

Vision pings still on the way

Meddler added a quick note on vision pings, saying that it’ll most likely be added in patch 7.15. The scheduling of more pressing matters is what’s pushing this particular feature back, it seems.


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