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Unicorns of Love attain sponsorship from Trust Gaming

The Unicorns of Love entered into a sponsorship partnership with Trust gaming.
The Unicorns of Love have entered into a sponsorship partnership with Trust gaming. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

The Unicorns of Love have entered into partnership with computer hardware marketplace Trust Gaming.

The Unicorns announced through Lagardère Sports Friday that starting Saturday, Trust Gaming will equip their players with custom mice, keyboards, and mouse pads as an official partner. Trust Gaming will join UOL’s other sponsors such as Twitch and Alienware, and the Trust Gaming logo will be displayed on the Unicorns of Love’s jerseys.

“As our slogan is ‘Building Champions’ we are very happy with this partnership, since this shows everybody that we really act in line with this story,” Jurgen Verheijen, Trust Gaming’s marketing manager, said in a statement. “With the support of the UoL players we can further improve our products, hand insightful tips and therefore be a true partner for every young gamer in his quest to be the next gaming champion. We are very glad to be able to support Unicorns of Love in achieving the best results with the right gear.”

The deal was brokered by Lagardère Sports, according to the announcement, a sports and entertainment that is the exclusive marketing partner for the Unicorns of Love.

“It’s not just our passion for esports that forms the connection between us and Trust Gaming, but also our common goals,” Unicorns of Love CEO Jos Mallant said in the statement. “We are looking forward to actively engaging in this partnership and implementing projects together that place the focus on our community.”

The Unicorns of Love are coming off a runner-up finish in the spring split of the European League of Legends Championship Series. They lead Group B with a record of 4-1 through the first few weeks of the summer split.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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