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Day 4 of Krakow Major Predictions and player hater club picks

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

Here are the last days of predictions. The score tally so far is:

Vince: 4-4 on day 1, 3-5 on day 2. 7-9 total.

Player Hater pick day 1: Hen1 24-5-18, 89.2 ADR

Player Hater pick day 2: Shroud 18-1-14, 71.8 ADR

Dekay: 4-4 on day 1, 7-1 on Day 2. 11-5 total. Mir killed NiP, he killed OpTiC and now he killed Dekay’s perfect prediction.

Player hater pick day 1: WorldEdit 12-2-10 69.6 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Deadfox 6-1-17 44.4 ADR

me: 5-3 on day 1, 5-3 on day 2. 10-6 total.

Player hater pick day 1: pronax 16-1-16 69.6 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: 21-2-23, 74.5 ADR.

Overall Winner of day 2 is Dekay with Deadfox lived up to the dead part. Mir ruined his chances of a perfect day. Also waylander screwed me by being good today.

Day 4 predictions:

Vince: Penta > Vega, RNG > Dig, TL >  BIG, HR > TyLoo, IMT > GOD, C9 > F3

Player hater pick: Pronax

dekay: Penta > Vega, RNG > Dig, BIG > TL, HR > TyLoo, IMT > GOD, F3 > C9

Player hater pick: tenzki

me: Penta > Vega, RNG > Dig, TL > BIG, HR > TyLoo, IMT > GOD, C9 > F3

Player hater pick: Disco Doplan

Random aside. The two most contest matches tomorrow with peculiar psychological problems are Godsent vs IMT and RNG vs. Dignitas. The reason I say this is because Immortals have choked at every other Major Qualifier before this. I will say that Godsent has more holes in it than an anthill in the savanah, so even when mentally collapsed. I actually think F3 will beat C9, but since I’m losing I had to make a risk and change the prediction from dekay so I can go up in points. As I think that’s the closest to a tossup, I chose that one.


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