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Overwatch Contenders Season 1 starts Aug. 14, and all matches will be live streamed

Overwatch Contenders Season 1 begins Aug. 14.
Blizzard revealed on stream of Overwatch Contenders Season Zero playoffs that Overwatch Contenders Season 1 begins Aug. 14. All matches will be live streamed.

During the stream of the European playoffs for Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, Blizzard revealed Overwatch Contenders Season 1 will begin Aug. 14. And in a move that comes as relief to many fans, all matches will be streamed.

The eight teams to make the Season Zero playoffs in Europe — eUnited, Movistar Riders, Singularity, Laser Kittenz, Misfits, Rest in Pyjamas, 123 and Bazooka Puppies — have qualified for Season 1, as per the the on-stream announcement and the original rules laid out for Overwatch Contenders. They will be joined in North America by EnVyUs, Rogue and six of the eight teams that made the Season Zero playoffs. The North American playoffs take place Sunday.

According to a screenshot of Saturday’s stream that circulated Reddit, the regular season will last six weeks and there will be a LAN final in October. The prize pool is $100,000 per region, and all matches will be streamed. That is a welcomed change for fans who have become frustrated as only select matches from Season Zero — even during the playoffs — have been streamed.

Overwatch Contenders was announced — along with the later-revealed Overwatch Open Division — in May to serve as sort of a development pool for Overwatch League. Blizzard earlier in week revealed details about a scouting report it will compile for Overwatch League, and many Overwatch Contenders players (if not all) will likely be on it.


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