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Final Predictions for Krakow Major Qualifier

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

In total the scores were:

Vince: 7-9 on day 1 & 2, 4-2 on day 3. 11-11 total.

Player hater pick day 1: Hen1 24-5-18 89.2 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Shroud 18-1-14 71.8 ADR

Player hater pick day 3: Pronax 11-2-25 54.2 ADR

Dekay: 11-5 on day 1 & 2, 4-2 on day 3. 15-7 total.

Player hater pick day 1: WorldEdit 12-2-10 69.6 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Deadfox 6-1-17 44.4 ADR

Player hater pick day 3: tenzki 20-3-20 78 ADR

me: 10-6 on day 1 & 2, 4-2 on day 3. 14-8 total.

Player hater pick day 1: pronax 16-1-16 69.6 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Waylander 21-2-23, 74.5 ADR.

Player hater pick day 3: disco doplan 23-4-23 74.6 ADR

As of now the last three matches of Day 3 are: HR vs IMT, DIG vs Vega and Liquid vs F3.

Last Day predictions are:

Vince: HR > IMT, Vega > Dig , TL > F3

me: IMT > HR , Dig > Vega, F3 > TL

Dekay: HR > IMT, Dig > Vega, TL > F3


I initially had the same picks as Dekay, but I can’t win that way so I changed it for IMT and F3.

Actual notes about the games:

HR/IMT is intense because HR has been terrible throughout the event despite being good in almost every other LAN they’ve attended. IMT has historically failed the qualifiers despite being one of the favorites.

DIG/VEGA is funny because if Dignitas qualifies, it will have only needed to beat Tengri, Renegades and Vega to qualify. And when I mean funny, I mean sad.

Liquid/F3 is another intense one as I think Liquid is a stronger team, but F3 always makes it out of qualifiers. But the real reason I’m afraid for Liquid is because Blad3 is a mastermind like gob. Gob already predicted what Liquid was going to do before Liquid did it, so that’s why BIG is in the Major now. Blad3 can do the exact same thing (and did so in the past, notably against NiP). The ball, so to speak is in Liquid’s court. Do they try to change something last moment to throw off Blad3 or do they believe in the practice they’ve done up until now?


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