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Diana to receive slight rework in League of Legends

Diana will finally receive some love in the form of changes in an upcoming league of legends patch.
Diana will receive some changes -- both buffs and nerfs -- in an upcoming League of Legends patch. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After much teasing, Diana will finally receive some much-needed love in the form of some mechanics changes in an upcoming League of Legends patch. With everything but her ultimate being touched in the latest PBE update, the form of improvement Riot Games aims to complete seems to be making her overall more viable rather than just buffing her outright.

Her passive, Moonsilver Blade, now gives her attack speed on her third empowered attack and gets 15 percent of her ability power as mana.¬†That might not seem like much, but when a player is building Diana with attack speed — as players are¬†encouraged to do — she gets a lot of mana in order to use her abilities.

To synergize with her mana regeneration, her main damage spell Q will have a smaller cool down time at earlier levels, her W will have a smaller mana cost at the earlier levels, and her E now has a new passive which increased her attack speed gained from her Moonsilver Blade from 50 percent to 90 percent per skill point put into it.

In other words, when you fight her, she’s going to hit fast and get a bunch of mana back while doing so.

Cho’Gath gets his new changes

As one of the tanking champions that was scheduled to get a change, Cho’Gath finally got some mechanics changes. His E is no longer a toggled ability but a skill with a mana cost, which empowers the next three auto attacks that deal 30 percent of his AP as bonus damage, 4 percent of the enemy’s maximum health plus 0.5 percent per feast stack as extra magic damage, and applies a slow on top of it.

That means his E is a decent tool for tank busting and chasing down targets like a huge void creature Godzilla as his design is supposed to be like. His three auto attacks go past the distance of his auto attacks and effects enemies in an area.

His other skills have also received touch ups. His Q, which knocks up and slows enemy units caught in it, will get a mana cost reduction and five less damage at five skill points, and his area silence will also last longer upwards to two seconds.

Garen, Nunu, and Singed changes

Garen‘s W is still on the testing lab as it gives 60 percent tenacity — which reduces the duration of crowd control effects except suppression, stasis, and displacements — but also had its damage reduction lowered to 60 at all ranks.

Nunu‘s base health regeneration is lowered from seven to five, and base armor lowered from 26.38 to 23.

Singed‘s new passive, Slipstream, designed to give him a speed boost while passing nearby champions, will be activated with allied champions as well.

Item changes

Bramble Vest does less magic damage from 25 to 20 reflected on the attacker, but still applies Grievous Wounds so AD Carry players still have plenty to complain about.

Duskblade of Draktharr got a cost reduction to 2,900 gold, attack damage lowered from 60 to 55, lethality increased from 15 to 18, and the passive damage does a lot more damage.

Edge of night got a cost hike to 3,100, the health bonus lowered to 250, and lethality increased to 18.

Youmuu’s Ghostblade’s cost was lowered to 2,900, attack damage lowered to 55, and got a lethality increased to 18.

All in all, lethality items have more lethality but less damage in general.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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