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Final prediction count for Krakow Major qualifier

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

This is how the predictions shook out:

Vince: 11-11 day 1-3. Final matches: 1-2 Total: 12-13

Player hater pick day 1: Hen1 24-5-18 89.2 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Shroud 18-1-14 71.8 ADR

Player hater pick day 3: Pronax 11-2-25 54.2 ADR

Dekay: 15-7 day 1-3. Final matches: 0-3 Total: 15-10

Player hater pick day 1: WorldEdit 12-2-10 69.6 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Deadfox 6-1-17 44.4 ADR

Player hater pick day 3: tenzki 20-3-20 78 ADR

me: 14-8 day 1-3. Final matches: 2-1. Total: 16-9

Player hater pick day 1: pronax 16-1-16 69.6 ADR

Player hater pick day 2: Waylander 21-2-23, 74.5 ADR.

Player hater pick day 3: disco doplan 23-4-23 74.6 ADR

I won the picks, not because I knew more, but because I got to pick last so I just picked against Dekay to win the game. Dekay is the true player hater though, getting the best picks among the three of us.

As for the qualifier itself, we’ve seen enough of Swiss now to know that the system has problems without proper seeding (and perhaps reseeding each round). The paths for certain teams was much more difficult than others. I will say that though Liquid lost, they weren’t really a victim of the seeding as they didn’t go through a murderer’s row. They just got outplayed.

Also Blad3 makes it to another Major. Most impressively, he completely out-read HellRaiseres and he and his team outplayed Liquid. Electronic in particular was god-like the last match of the quals.


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