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The Player Hater Club Draft for ESL One Cologne

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

UPDATE (4:12 p.m. ET July 5): The spreadsheet is updated. Check out the results after the first two days of competition.

For the Krakow Major Qualifiers, I had the guys give me a prediction and player hater pick. This time around, I did a Player Haters Club draft. For a regular esports fantasy draft, try out esportspools. But for the current one I’m running, I want the drafters to feel the pain this man felt when he watched Steph Curry ruin everything. The rules are simple: You have to draft five players into your team, each has a salary. There is a salary cap of $6,000. Scoring is as follows:

1 Death = +1 point

1 Kill = -1 point

1 Assist = -1 point

Tiebreaker if needed is whichever team got the lowest cumulative ADR.

The players this time are me, Vince (@vincemnairn), Dekay (@NWDekay), Skim (@skimgaming), Ollie (@olliering) and Graham “Messioso” Pitt (@messioso).

For a quick rundown, Vince is the editor of Slingshot. Dekay is a CS:GO journalist for Slingshot. Skim is a writer/journalist for Dota 2. Ollie is an esports journalist for Esports Insider. Messiosso is a tournament admin turned coach for Godsent.

Here are our picks:


You can see the entire list of arbitrarily-decided salary values and play along with this spreadsheet. Send your picks in a comment on the article, tweet or via email to to join the game. There’s no prize this time, aside from bragging rights, but there might be one in future editions.

Also shoutouts to Dave Chappelle, the true player hater.


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