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TI7 prize pool eclipses $20 million

The TI7 prize pool eclipsed $20 million and will likely surpass last year's record total.
The TI7 prize pool (Dota 2) has already surpassed $20 million. It's on track to break last year's mark of $20,770,460, which was a record for the highest prize pool at an esports event.

As The International continues to grow every year, the TI7 prize pool will likely again be the largest in the history of any esports event. According to the event’s prize tracker, the prize pool is at $20,160,240.

The current prize pool is still short of last year’s total of $20,770, 460, but with 41 days remaining until crowdfunding ends, the pool expects to surpass last year’s record total.

The prize pool of The International has been supplemented with in-game purchases by players since 2013, with increased success each year. This year includes purchases of The International Battle Pass, which gives players access to a large amount of in-game cosmetic items, a fantasy game mode made of the players who will be attending The International, and a unique campaign mode for a single player experience. Players can then level up their Battle Pass by buying experience or playing games of Dota 2, which gives them more access to more content.

Last year’s total of $20,770,460 was a world record for prize pool at an esports event, and the current amount raise is only $600,000 away from re-breaking the record. The beginning amount of $1.6 million blew up to over $20 million over the course of two months, as 25 percent of Battle Pass purchases are added to the pool.

The crowdfunding of prize pools has also been implemented in League of Legends, as player purchases of themed in-game cosmetics¬† been added to the total prize pool of 2016’s League of Legends World Championship and this year’s Mid-Season Invitational.

The field is set for The International, with an 18-team field (an increase of two teams) that was finalized last week after the completion of all the qualifiers. None of the players from defending champion Wings Gaming or runner up, Digital Chaos, will attend the tournament, marking the first time such an occurrence has ever happened in the seven year history of The International.


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