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New League of Legends honor system met with complaints about limits

The new League of Legends honor system continues to receive criticism.
Criticism persists surrounding limits to the new League of Legends honor system. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

After a burst of negative feedback regarding the new League of Legends honor system, there seems to be two conflicting ideas about how the system should proceed going forward.

The new honor system, which went live in the current patch 7.13, allows players to honor one of their teammates for three different categories (and comes with incentives for players to be honored). But players have recently complained about the fact that they can only honor one player. Since games can have more than one player worth honoring, being pigeonholed into honoring only one seems to have had a negative reaction in the player base.

In reaction, two Rioters have given two different standpoints on the matter. In a Reddit post, Eric “Socrates” Kenna replied that Riot “considered that option” of increasing the number of honors, but chose to limit it to one in order to not allow mass honoring without giving much thought behind it.

“We went with the one player limit because in order to make the commendations feel valuable there needs to be some constraints around them,” he wrote. “It makes the decision of who to honor at the end of the game less interesting and doesn’t cause players to reflect on their games in the same way.”

Contrastingly, Rioter Simurgh, of the player behavior design team, said the limit to one player for honor was the “biggest weakness” in the current system in a forum post. He went as far as to write that the team is “looking to expand honor to cover this weakness in future improvements.”

With the new honor system giving players in-game rewards including some exclusive content, the value of honoring has been at an all time high. With demand for being honored so high, it will be seen if they choose to expand the number of honors to meet demand or continue to keep it limited to make it even more meaningful.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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