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New organization MEGA ESports signs top Thai Overwatch roster

MEGA ESports lanched Wednesday by signing a top Thai Overwatch team.
MEGA ESports lanched Wednesday by signing a top Thai Overwatch team.

A new Southeast Asian organization called MEGA ESports announced Wednesday the purchase the Team Fireball’s Overwatch roster.

MEGA ESports announced the acquisition of the Thai Overwatch roster from HK ESports, previously operating under the team name Team Fireball, through a press release. The move is a part of the formal launch of the organization, according to the press release, and the new team will operate under the name MEGA Thunder.

MEGA ESports’ goal is to build and nurture the entire esports ecosystem in Southeast Asia,” CEO Willain Hsu said in the release. “We wanted to thank Blizzard, HK Esports and the Thai fans for the opportunity, and we are excited to begin the journey in Thailand. We see tremendous potential in the region and opportunity to develop and nurture more world class teams, players and other business around esports. We want to bring a proactive and organized approach to player and team development in addition to growing the entire esports ecosystem within the region.”

The MEGA Thunder roster consists of Teetawat “Teetawatv3” Teerayosyotin, Ubon “oPuTo” Dar, Sasalak “NzNr” Wannara, Chollatij “Nearlygod9th” Nongnuc, Vatunyoo “KeRLos” Suwannapisi, and Vuthichai “Rocket” Posawad. The roster previously had great success in Southeast Asia, as three of its members representing Thailand’s team in last year’s Overwatch World Cup, which placed 12th. Four of the players will be on Thailand’s roster for this year’s World Cup.

MEGA ESports also has enlisted former Counter Strike 1.6 and Source competitor Alex Simmons as the team manager, and Hardy Pace, a former marketing executive of, as head of branding. 


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