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Doomfist available to play on Overwatch Public Test Realm

Doomfist is now available in Overwatch's PTR.
Doomfist, the long-teased new hero, is now available in Overwatch's PTR. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

The long anticipated Overwatch hero Doomfist is now available for play on Overwatch’s Public Test Region.

Only days after the most recent teaser, Doomfist is now live. His abilities all center around his giant gauntlet on his left hand, which is his namesake. His main fire weapon is a four-shot shotgun from his knuckles, and his alternate fire is Rocket Punch, which winds up and launches Doomfist forward, knocking enemies backward and going through enemy barriers. The longer the windup, the further he goes, and so does the enemy. If the enemy then hits a wall as a result to his punch, they take more damage.

His Shift-key ability is Rising Uppercut, which knocks an enemy in the air. His E is Seismic Slam, which he can use can strike down in a target area, pulling enemies closer to him. His ultimate ability is Meteor Strike, which launches Doomfist into the air, allowing him to survey the map, choose an area with a targeting reticle, and strike down the targetted area, stunning and knocking enemies down.

Doomfist’s passive complements his dive heavy play style. Labeled The Best Defense, whenever Doomfist attacks an enemy with his abilities, he gains a temporary shield that decays over time, but it can also increase based on how much damage he does.

Lore-wise, Doomfist hails from Nigeria, and holds the belief that humanity can only grow stronger through conflict, and wishes to lift humanity to a higher level through it. This put him at odds with Overwatch, a global peace keeping force, and it was none other than Winston that put Doomfist behind bars.

As a prominent leader of the mercenary group Talon in the Overwatch universe, he has recently been broken out of his containment unit by Reaper, and has reclaimed his gauntlet.  More details of his lore have been released through an animated short.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard


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