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More details revealed about new League of Legends rune system

Riot Games revealed more details about the new League of Legends rune system.
Riot Games revealed more details about the new League of Legends rune system. Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

More details, examples, and potential changes for the new League of Legends rune system have been revealed via a post from the Riot Games development team in the League of Legends forums on Wednesday.

Riot Reinboom, a technical game designer, was the messenger for the peek into the future, which included new features in the keystone runes. One such trait is labeled “Adaptive,” which changes its effects based on the item build of the player. As there are plenty of mages or champions that scale off of attack damage, and forcing them to go down the Sorcery Tree for runes in order to get the benefits for being reliant on their spells would be unfair.

The example Reinboom put forth is the Keystone Rune Perfectionist, which gives either 14 extra attack damage or 20 extra ability power when above 80 percent health, based on the item build of the user. Designed to give an early game boost to laning champions, this is a trait for both AP and AD reliant champions who wish to have a laning advantage over their lane opponents. Giving this rune the Adaptive trait seems like a good fit.

Another mechanic is giving some runes sharper tradeoffs, as in having users pay for larger scale benefits using certain Keystone Runes. Magical Footwear, for example, doesn’t allow the user to buy any boots in the first 10 minutes of the game, but will get a free pair at 10 minutes along with 10 more movement speed in top of whatever boots item they choose to purchase.

There are, of course, less complicated runes that Reinboom shared, such as Bloodlust, which allows the wielder to gain 15 percent of missing health per takedown, which means champion kill, assist, or tower kill. Ruined King’s Tribute lets the user’s auto attack every four seconds deal damage equal to 3 percent of the attack’s max health and heals the attacker from 20 to 75 percent of that amount based on level. Ranged attacks have those values halved.

Other known details about the rune rework include the ability for players to go into gold debt to buy items.

Cover photo courtesy of Riot Games


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