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The world needs more heroes. No, seriously Blizzard, add more heroes

Chiu on This
A short and regular opinion blast from Stephen Chiu

‘Chiu on This’ is a short and regular opinion blast

There have been a slew of posts from multiple prominent Overwatch community members about the state of Overwatch as a game and community, particularly in Korea. Effect has stated a feeling of burnout. Yongbongtang, the caster of APEX, and Alwaysoov, the coach of Lunatic-Hai, have stated similar opinions about the staleness of the meta. Whether or not people agree with their point of view, everyone agrees that Blizzard needs to put in more heroes.

But having followed Blizzard for years, I think it’s very unlikely to expect. They have always been very slow in regards to their community and games. I’ve almost never seen them make a decisive and fast move. On top of that, the head designer is Jeff Kaplan, someone who has stated multiples times he doesn’t consider the competitive scene to have any priority. In a recent interview he even stated he wants to flesh out each character, so the lore of the character is likely as important as its gameplay.

In which case, it will take long periods of time between each hero design. They need to design a character, then make a story, then make a campaign. I feel they should go the other way and try to implement more heroes into the game. The reason MOBA games can continue to have relevance is because of their game-changing patches. It keeps both competitive and casual sides interested. Yongbangtang is right in that if something is overpowered, the tournaments themselves can just ban it. Either way, releasing more heroes faster is the correct move, but asking Blizzard to do things in a fast manner? I’ve never seen it. Hell, they let BL/infestor run for a year and a half.


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