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Inven reacts to Doomfist’s release: “He looks like he’ll be a god on the enemy team and worthless on my team.”

With the release of Doomfist, the new Overwatch hero, came many reactions from Inven in South Korea.
Inven reactions about the release of new Overwatch hero Doomfist have varied from angry to hilarious -- and sometimes both. Photo courtesy of Blizzard.

As the long awaited new Overwatch hero Doomfist has finally been released in the game’s Public Test Realm, the Western audience seems to be quite fond of the new hero as fan art and general excitement have flooded social media. But what about South Korea?

The responses have varied the Overwatch boards on Inven, the massive online forums in South Korea, with some positive, some negative, and some humorous. The top upvoted comment on the post about Doomfist’s announcement is a tongue-in-cheek opinion that reflects the overall feelings about the status of Overwatch in Korea

“I see he broke out of prison to save the ailing state of the game,” the comment reads.

The second most upvoted comment is a response to another user’s wish for the dive meta to come to an end with Doomfist, by saying “he actually added to the dive meta,” referencing to the fact that Doomfist’s kit involves him getting in the middle of the enemy team to wreak havoc.

A couple of comments expressed hope Doomfist would be a tank or defensive hero, as the offensive hero category is already quite stacked in the current state of the game. Other comments were more interested in giving a nickname to Doomfist, and it seems like “Black Genji” is currently the most popular.

There are a number of positive responses as well, saying that his kit looks like it’ll be good to disrupt an enemy dive, and looks like a lot of fun to play with his high mobility. Another commenter said that looking how Doomfist was able to take on Tracer, Genji, and Winston — staples to the current dive meta — “maybe this is Jeff Kaplan‘s way of hoping he will destroy the dive meta.”

But the true under appreciated comment of the chain encapsulates the true essence of a new character in any multiplayer only online competitive game.

“He looks like he’ll be a god on the enemy team and worthless on my team.”

Doomfist was released Thursday after multiple teasers about the hero that had floated around the Overwatch community for months. It was also rumored actor Terry Crews could do the voice of Doomfist, but it actually turned out to be another actor named Sahr Ngaujah.


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