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Misfits Overwatch player Reinforce addresses perceived problems in the game and esport

Reinforce says the perceived problems in Overwatch aren't that bad.
Reinforce (Jonathan Larsson), a player for Misfits' Overwatch team, defended Blizzard for many of the perceived problems regarding Overwatch.

As a debate surrounding problems in Overwatch and its esports scene continues, Jonathan “Reinforce” Larsson, a player for Misfits‘ Overwatch team, offered a different perspective through Twitter on Wednesday.

Many players in various regions have voiced their concerns about the state of balance in Overwatch, with many of them pointing to D.Va being the source of the problem. Reinforce said that these have been “irrational dumbwit comments without any proper basis to give anyone something to go on.”

Reinforce pointed out that balance is inherently difficult, and that previous meta known as the “Beyblade Meta” and triple tank meta were also under fire. Reinforce wrote that he has the utmost confidence that Blizzard will be able to address the balance problems “sooner than later.”

On the topic of organizations dropping their Overwatch rosters, Reinforce did admit that the lack of information about the Overwatch League is a problem of Blizzard’s design. He also said Blizzard was also at fault for not supporting smaller tournaments, but gave a list of events that are coming around this year.

“We’ve just gone through Season (Zero) of Overwatch Contenders, with Season 1 starting the week of Aug. 14, and not to forget the World Cup around the corner, with four different events this summer,” he wrote. “It’s the consistency we’ve all been waiting for, the support we’ve wanted, and the exposure for organizations we have been missing in the equation. So what is there really to be upset about? The bad times are behind us, so let’s not gloom about the past, and instead look forward to the future.”

EnVyUs player Kim “EFFECT” Hyun recently said the uncertainty of the game has caused him to practice Counter-Strike on the side because of his concerns on Overwatch’s future. Reinforce is of the opinion that many “players seem to have this idea of self-importance to Overwatch as an esport,” but that they’re only “marketing tools.” If one player leaves, another will simply take their place.

Between EFFECT’s disclosure and recent comments from the head coach of Lunatic-Hai about the state of the game, Overwatch has come under criticism, but Reinforce showed that not all pros share the same opinion.


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